Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Mishmash - Festivals and Transylvanian castles

Transylvanian castle

* Un homme bien (the French film adaptation of my screenplay A Good Man) will be shown at the Dracula Horror and Fantasy Festival in Romania in October. One of the screenings will take place in a famous Transylvanian castle. The film will also be screened the 11th of October at the Indiana Short Film Festival. My vampire story will be part of the Saturday Nite Fright.

* Can't go to these festivals? You can now also discover Un homme bien / A Good Man on FestTV, the VOD channel of the Benelux horror distributor Zeno Pictures. Or you can download the original screenplay from, Amazon UK, or Smashwords.

* To top it off, Un homme bien / A Good Man has received a diploma for "higher cinematic culture for solving social issues" at the Krivoy Rog Film Festival. 

* I'll be present at four different festivals this autumn, starting with the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival on Thursday, and then the Sitges Film Festival, the Film Festival of Ghent, and Razor Reel.

* I've started preparing the Halloween edition of Traveling Cats. Expect lots of cemetery pictures this season.

* I finished my book on Avalon. I'll be sending it out to the first beta-readers this week.

* Also wrote another short film script: Next To Her. More about that soon.

Monday Mishmash
Hosted by Kelly Hashway

Friday, September 5, 2014

David Cronenberg expo in Amsterdam


Being a fan of David Cronenberg from a very early age (I even made my university thesis about him), I just had to take a trip to Amsterdam to attend the David Cronenberg exhibition in the The Eye.

What made this exhibition so special is that it focused on the props from all of his movies (both preliminary and actual ones): costumes such as the one that kept Rosanna Arquette together in Crash or Sarah Gadon's dress in A Dangerous Method, fake body parts, monsters, weapons, and much more.

Hereunder are some favorites...

...such as Carol Spier's mock advertisement for Ephemerol, a drug used to suppress telepathic powers in David Cronenberg's movie Scanners (1981).

Ephemerol Scanners

T-shirts from Cronenberg's racing movie, Fast Company (1979). The film is virtually unknown, probably because it doesn't contain any of Cronenberg's recognizable horror or psychological elements.

Fast Company

Fake article in the Toronto Sun about the dwarf murders in my favorite David Cronenberg movie, The Brood (1979).

Bizarre second Kelly murder

Videodrome (1983) was well-represented at the David Cronenberg exhibition in Amsterdam. Here you see a design for Debbie Harry' dress, the famous hand-coming-out-of-a-TV prop, an advertisement for Max Renn's TV station Civic-TV, and the belly in which the VHS tape disappears.

David Cronenberg exhibition Amsterdam
Civic TV
Videodrome prop

The Fly (1986) was my very first David Cronenberg film. Here's the fly's head, a preliminary maquette of the teleportation pod, and the actual pod as seen in the movie.

The Fly David Cronenberg
The Fly maquette
Pod from The Fly

Until we meet again, Mugwump.

Mugwump Naked Lunch

For my traveling cat pictures from Amsterdam, go here.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Feature in Me And My Cat

Me And My Cat

There's an interview with me about Traveling Cats and Avalon in the Dutch cat magazine Me And My Cat. It's in stores now. Check it out if you have the chance.